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Creative Inspiration

Creative Inspiration

Putting together a shoot takes a village, and those villagers are the creative force behind any and everything we create. Sam Dupuis is a hairstylist at Salon Le Artof – bringing his magic touch to all things hair, he’s been my colorist for the last little while and, gratefully, he worked the Mademoiselle Jules set for all the Pride models. His work is impeccable and inspired and I’m so excited to spend a bit of time showcasing his talent right here!

As a stylist, Sam has taken some time to think about what his own personal sense of style is. Boasting “all things beige,” he goes for a more monochromatic palette when he pulls a look together. And, oh what a palette it is when you set those stunning neutral tones against his long, beautiful strawberry-coloured hair. A boho chic wardrobe lends to those long tresses and of course, to add a little wow factor, he pulled the Rainbow Road as his fave piece from my collection.

Seizing every opportunity to spend, Sam’s guilty pleasures include shopping, shopping, and spending! Although his most precious piece of jewelry is his ring, which represents achievement, he was happy to throw on the What a Pearl Wants and All Smiles rings along with the Lia Necklace to layer together with the Rainbow Road.

With a little Underwater by Rüfüs du Sol, Sam sets the tone on set for us at Mademoiselle Jules as he styled all the models for the shoot – work I will forever be thankful for. Incidentally, an upcoming big event in Sam’s life is a project whereby he will do the hair for a singer friend of his for her video shoot!

Being surrounded by stylish creators, the energy on set was palpable. Giddy, smiling, and full of life, Sam, along with the others at the shoot, brought Mademoiselle Jules jewelry to life. Even though completely beige head-to-toe, Sam’s style is versatile and has a strong sense of character. Whether I’m in his chair at the salon or vibing on set together creating looks for our models, Sam’s vision when it comes to hair styling is unparalleled. I’m so grateful we got to work together!