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A Simple Edge

A Simple Edge

Fashion is meant to express your personality. From the clothes and accessories you wear to the style of your hair, nails, and make up, everything you put on your body is a way of showing the world (and yourself) who you are. Some use their clothes as an extension of themselves, while others use fashion to make a statement. “That’s what I love about the Rainbow Road necklace, it’s so colourful and I would wear it any day of the week. Also, because it shows my Pride!” says Pierre-Oliver Beaudoin, Content Creator and Agent.

Whether it’s his home décor or his outfits (or even the stunning aesthetic of his IG), Pierre-Oliver (aka PO) is all about the neutral tones. His style is simple and boasts a narrow range of beiges, greys, blacks and whites. “I have a functional style,” PO explains. “I’m definitely a bit edgy, but in the last two years I’m more about the cotton tee and joggings than anything else.” Monochromatic with a pop of colour, jewelry always claims some real estate either through a ring or necklace and the Pride Collection is the perfect way to make a subtle splash (if there is such a thing!).

         Everything we pulled together to create PO’s look picked up on themes of simplicity and modernity. The Sexy Citrus Ring has that punchy colour and playful heart shape and then the mix and match of the interchangeable charms and chunky metallic For the Love of Jules necklace pulled from other collections allowed PO’s sense of uniqueness to truly shine through. A classic white t-shirt draped in glitz and gold, yet still completely understated and wearable, I mean, who else could pull that off!?

         If fashion is a way to express one’s identity or mood of the day, then the past couple years explain the pull toward sweatsuits. But the doors are unlocked, and the sun is out, and it’s time for a change of pace. “I’m super excited to get out again and put on crazy outfits,” PO beams. “It’s been a long time, but I am ready to dance and party!” Hitting up festivals, concerts, outdoor events, I can imagine Pierre-Oliver at home, surrounded by friends, listening to some Rufus de Sol while getting ready to hit the summer scene. And no matter what he wears, we know for certain he is wearing it with a strong sense of personal style.