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Exploring All Styles

Exploring All Styles

As we explore our sense of style, we can go down many paths. Some wild, some subdued, but with enough experimentation, we can find our way back to the middle. While styling Sandy Duperval for her shoot, she explained that her style is everything from sexy – like high heels and really tight clothes – to androgenous – mixing and matching any and everything. That’s where we really found our point of connection, because like me, Sandy’s style is all about being free.

I have long been a fan of all things incongruous – if it isn’t meant to be together, I’ll find a way to make it work. Sandy has that same energy. She was drawn toward some of my Mademoiselle Jules pieces and instantly described how she wanted to try on two necklaces that weren’t meant to be worn together. “I have to say I have a bit of a soft spot for this Orange is the New Black necklace, this is beautiful. It’s actually 2 necklaces and I really do love the heart on the Love is Love necklace. I like how it wasn’t supposed to be that way, but it works together. It really represents my life, it’s all the things that weren’t supposed to work together but work together!” We even threw on a few Orange Blossom and Sexy Citrus rings and Sunrise earrings for added pop and flare.

Boasting her love for my new Pride collection, Sandy is a woman after my own heart – her passion for foods like Asian street food (think Kazu on Ste Catherine) and chocolate-dipped strawberries explain how diverse and open minded she is. But our connection is deeper than food and fashion – we cross over at our love for soulful house music, with big names like Louie Vega, Dennis Fair, and Barbara Tucker. “I like music that pumps me up,” Sandy says. “Anything that has a badass vocalist, I’m going to go for! It’s very inspiring especially because it aligns with what I do, so ya, there you go!” I can just picture us getting ready in my bathroom so we can go out and dance the night away!

Unlimited by the conventions of our world, Sandy explains that she is guided by her mood, “I’m a Libra after all!” And like a true Libra, she is always in search of that sense of balance, even when it comes to her work.

Having navigated successful careers as an artist, chef, and musician, Sandy has recently decided to focus mainly on her musical (and soulful) artistry. She has even decided to switch her name from Sandy to Blkeprl. “When I’m Blkeprl I can be fully, and unapologetically myself and I really think that this is going to set the tone for everything else that I want to do. Blkeprl is not afraid of anything. She’s fearless, fierce, and she’s about to take over, so get ready!”