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Big, Bold Energy

Big, Bold Energy

When faced with extraordinary creativity, ideas flow… as do the good times! That’s how it felt on set with Manny, makeup artist, performer, drag queen, and actor. Big, bold energy, and lots of mood-lifting inspiration like a tour de force as we chatted about everything from music and style to all of life’s little guilty pleasures.

Manny’s got big style and you can tell that a lot of thought and care goes into creating a look. Similarly, I know what it’s like to pick every part of an outfit down to the detail, especially when it comes to jewelry. That’s why it was so hard to pick what to put on Manny, mostly because I beamed with pride when he boasted that he “couldn’t pick a favourite, it’s all just so beautiful!” Truth is, I’m happy Manny couldn’t pick because he's not the type to stop at one piece. “When I get ready, I go outfit first and then I pile on the jewelry. After that, I just keep going and going and going!”

Which is exactly what we did with Mademoiselle Jules Jewelry: we started with one piece and just kept going! From the Rainbow Road Necklace pulled through the Jess Hoop, the Good Girl Gone Bad earrings, and the Lia and Neva necklaces all dripping with charms to the Lariat necklace with the Horn Me Up charm, Manny honestly took my collection and transformed it into an editorial guide!

With an urban flare, Manny’s style borrows from the party-ready array of music he plays while getting ready. Everything from reggae, hip hop, and classic house fills the room from his very own podcast called Glitterbox, from London. I laugh when I think about how everything from style to music is big, bad, and loud, and then when I asked Manny what his guiltiest pleasure is, he surprised me when he said: “I can sleep for 16 hours and I wouldn’t even care, just stay in bed all day!” I guess that’s what happens when you work hard and play hard, you gotta knock out at some point! And I can totally relate!

Big wigs, high heels, and a heartwarming personality, Manny brought my jewelry to life and gave it new direction. A couple hours together and I was inspired to play around with my pieces in totally reimagined ways. That’s what happens when you put a pair of creatives together: magical moments of pure inspiration!