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Valentine's Launch

Valentine's Launch

Gifts of gold, silver, and freshwater pearls - magic to my eyes. Creating the Valentine's Day parure was pure joy, especially since my central inspiration was love and all things that make the heart beat with happiness.

As always, the new pieces play up on the fun of accessorizing - not taking fashion too seriously and in so doing, pushing the envelope on what style truly means. From the Heartbreaker earrings to the Lonely Heart necklace, I took my inspo from the realities that Valentine's Day sometimes brings out in our romantic landscape.

But then, we have probably one of my fave stand-outs of the drop, the Isn't She Lovely necklace - freshwater pearls and a single silver or gold heart. Perfect for year-round wear, this necklace is the ultimate gift, the absolute essential necklace that ups the ante on all outfits (from casual to professional to formal).

Pair the necklace with the matching Isn't She Lovely earrings or mix things up and go for the LOVE charms earrings. Bold, loud, yet still ultra feminine, these charms are a message all on their own.

Pushing the envelope on simple yet sexy, the Love Me More Lariat is a single drop edgy heart on a gold rope chain. Stunning with a deep v or open blouse, but also perfection with a t-shirt and jeans.

Valentine's Day is about love, we all know that. Romantic, platonic, familial, whatever kind of love you choose to celebrate, that's what this day is about. But for me, Valentine's Day is also about finding new ways to represent love and that is the Mademoiselle Jules Jewelry drop. xo