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Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection

The Holiday season is here and with it comes a whole new holiday drop. Everything that glitters, sparkles, dazzles, and shines – that’s where we’re at.


Filled with freshwater pearls, gold, and a colourful array of cubic zirconia, the 12-piece holiday parure has some callout pieces that are so special to me. From stars to hearts, I sprinkled in the glitter and love into every piece. The All Glitz necklace is a great example of radiating positivity while also being styled to the nines. An easy and wearable piece, you can even go the extra mile and pair it with Happy earrings for added joy!


All the glitz and glam of sparkles and stars just feels so right for this time of year. Ornamental like the Fire Me Up or Life of the Party earrings or bold and punchy like the Lucky Star ring, each piece is meant to add that dazzling power to a holiday look or just make you feel bright on a regular work day. 

Rainbows always find their way into Mademoiselle Jules Jewelry, and with good reason. Colour therapy is a core part of the brand, so when Rainbow Road proved to be such a success, I knew that you all must feel the same way about colours as I do. In came the inspo for Over the Rainbow – a more organized coloured necklace with all the same flair.

Two stand-out pieces are the Odette Collar clip and the Clip-Me-On clip. So European, so unique, and so versatile, the Odette collar clip is that piece you never knew you needed and can’t live without. It just gives your outfit that extra oomph you’re after. And the Clip-Me-On is perfect for hair, ear cuffs, shoes, anything! A welcome starburst to any outfit, if you ask me!


A final note about the holiday collection: as you all know, the gold hoops are the base piece that can get dressed up with any of the charms throughout my site. But this season, I also have the 7 Day Slay Charm set. A charm for every day of the week, you can play around with any of the 7 charms and make your own like style event calendar!


Nothing brings me more joy than upping the ante on an outfit with out-of-the-box accessories. From the basics like earrings, rings, and necklaces, to the bolder pieces like brooches, clips, and charms, Mademoiselle Jules Jewelry has it all! So this holiday season when you’re gifting to a loved one, think of how jewelry can create a connection you’ll cherish forever…