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Mykonos Muse

Mykonos Muse

Enter a realm of enchantment with Mykonos Muse, my By Mademoiselle Jules jewelry collection that draws inspiration from the mystical allure of Greece. Infused with the essence of the Evil Eye and the captivating beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, this collection invites you to embrace spirituality and elegance. With a harmonious blend of colors and materials, Mykonos Muse exudes both grounded depth and optimistic lightness.


Wearable reminders of self-love and positive energy within the collection. The All You Need necklace is adorned with hand-stitched heart charms in vibrant orange, serving as a constant affirmation of love and acceptance. The Mykonos Muse Necklace pays homage to the captivating power of the Evil Eye, intertwining symbolism and intricate design.


With natural seashells, freshwater pearls, multicolored beads, and symbolic Evil Eye motifs, each charm holds a unique significance, providing grounding and infusing your spirit with boundless positivity and optimism.


The delicate allure of pearls with the Elia Charm encapsulates the tranquil spirit of the sea, bringing a sense of calm and grounding to your style.


Remember body chains? Well they’re back! A unique accessory like the Hera Body Chain or Hesita Body Chain drape around your body, showcasing the ethereal beauty of pearls and embodying the empowering spirit of the goddess Hera.


Adorn your ankles with the Principote Anklet and Scorpios Anklet, adding a touch of bohemian allure to your every step. These delicate pieces capture the vibrant energy of Mykonos' beaches, reflecting the free-spirited essence of the Greek island.


Explore the captivating beauty and symbolism of this collection, and let each piece become a vessel for expressing your spirituality, elegance, and unwavering optimism. Let Mykonos Muse transport you to the Mediterranean Sea one freshwater pearl at a time!